Sai Systems & Services

The ability of the group to execute large turnkey projects using tested Data and Voice Communication network approaches, hardware installation methodologies, established onsite and offshore software development, is our strength. We offer a wide spectrum of services for providing an integrated system solution comprising of hardware, software, network solutions, training and consulting services.

The company's operations can briefly be classified into following segments:

Data and Voice Communication Network

Hardware Installations & Providers

Software Products & Solution Providers

System Integrators

IT Enabled Service Trainers.

We are also into AMC's (Annual Maintenance Contracts) and FMS (Facility Management Services). We offer you a distinct blend of expertise and abilities that can get your business thinking smarter with cutting edge innovation and the insight to understand your unique business needs. We provide product customization services using structured software engineering methodology, data capture solutions, resources flexibility and large bandwidths to reduce the time of operation, support services, operating system maintenance and many more.

Data and Voice Communication Network:-

We at Sai Systems & Services specialize in designing and installing various Data and Voice Communication Network as per user specific needs. Achieving maximum uptime with optimal performance of networks makes us popular among our esteemed clients. The team is capable of installing and maintaining any level of network security and designing very well load balanced networks. The work arena of the company in this particular field is wide enough with competency in LAN with structured copper cabling, network on fiber optic cable and components, indoor and outdoor WLAN, Wi-Fi campuses, WAN etc.

Hardware Installations & Providers:-

We specializes in installing various desktop operating systems like Win XP, Win VISTA & servers like win2003, UNIX, Linux, cold fusion, Novell Netware to give you the maximum through put of the system and withhold the optimal performance even at the maximum usage of RAM. Our expertise allows us to choose every part with extreme care to get the optimal performance.

We provide a whole range of hardware ranging from personal computers, workstations, notebooks to low and high-end servers. We also provide many peripheral devices like UPS, Webcams, Combination of printer, scanner and many more. The regular reviews of the market allow us to make many cost effective solutions to meet your different needs.

System Integrators:-

System Integration integrates various components of Information system and Information Technology to get an optimal solution satisfying all stakeholders of an organization. System integration optimizes business processes for greater productivity and efficiency. As System Integrators, Sai System and Services identifies areas of priority for an organization, maps it with an organization's IT strategy, identifies IT requirements and implements solution.

System integration process:

Identifying areas of priority & mapping it with customer's requirements

Designing a detailed plan with a clear-cut approach

Identifying the correct system components with common protocols and interfaces

Using right tools to integrate components

Implementing the solution

Supervising services for system integration



Sai Systems & Services designs and develops its products with very user-friendly environment to meet the customer's requirements, but after implementing the solution; our experts train you for the most effective usage.